What Parents Say

Finding Pennington Family Daycare has been an incredible blessing for our family.

Gretchen is AMAZING — truly gifted at what she does. She treats each child with so much respect and love! My daughter is now almost 7 and has been there since she was a timid, sensitive 1.5-year-old. Going to Gretchen’s house is her favorite thing to do, above all other activities! Gretchen creates a warm and caring environment that spills over to the parents too — we have met wonderful friends there. Additionally, my parenting has evolved from observing Gretchen at drop-off and pick-up. I am SO grateful to have my child in such loving hands!

— Cindy S.

We began looking for care for our two-year-old daughter while I was pregnant with our son.

It would be the first person to care for our child who wasn’t a family member — so our search was thorough! As a teacher in town, I sought recommendations from my colleagues. The amount of people who recommended Gretchen both personally and professionally was overwhelming. Our daughter has now spent five years and our son three years in the care of Gretchen. We could not be more thankful and grateful for her kindness, patience, guidance, support, and insight with both of our children. Gretchen has a unique ability to effectively and efficiently care for the children in her charge — and she does it with grace. We have built loving and lasting relationships with the Penningtons and the families from their childcare.

— Tammy H.

I cannot say enough good things about Pennington Family Daycare.

They were more than a daycare to us — they became family. Gretchen goes above and beyond, treating each child with the love and compassion that she gives to her own children. I have two girls, both of whom were lucky enough to experience the Penningtons. My youngest daughter attended the daycare from the age of 5 months until she was 13 years old, for before- and after-school care, because she refused to leave her second family, even though she was in middle school. If you are looking for a safe, nurturing, and loving environment for your child, you have found the right place!

— Lisa J.

We have been going to Pennington Family Daycare for eight years and have trusted Gretchen with our three kids.

When they were younger, our children worked on cooperative play, sharing, and developing their imagination, all while learning appropriate manners and behavior. As they got older, they worked on handwriting, reading, math, and arts and crafts. At drop-off, Gretchen asks for updates on how the children are doing, and leaves written notes for us when we pick our kids up. We are ever grateful for the care our children receive — it’s helping them to become caring friends and well-rounded individuals.

— Jeannine & Todd T.

My daughter started going to Gretchen’s when she was just 13 months old and had never been left alone with anyone other than family.

From the very first drop-off day, I felt 100% confident I had made the right decision with our childcare. My daughter is now almost 9 and still on occasion goes to Gretchen’s.

— Carrie S.

Pennington Family Daycare is both of our daughters’ home-away-from-home.

Our girls love to be there and we wouldn’t have them anywhere else. Gretchen is incredibly patient and loving with all of the children in her care.

— Amy & Benny R.